Religious Education

As a Catholic school, we place Christ firmly at the centre of all we do. Our Catholic faith, our mission statement and our ethos underpin and inspires all areas of our curriculum. Religious Education is a core subject and offers pupils the experience of deepening their relationship with God through the study of scripture revealing the Gospel Values; knowing and understanding the doctrine and tradition of the Church and through reflection and prayer.

Years 1 to 6 follow a spiral Curriculum called Come and See as directed by the Bishops of England and Wales. This was introduced in 2012. We are currently moving towards the implementation of the new Religious Education Directory (released by the Bishops of England and Wales, 2023). Therefore, our Reception and Pre-school classes are using new materials produced by the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton who have kindly given us permission to use.

10% of curriculum time is dedicated to RE. As part of our Religious Education curriculum we are required to teach about other religions. Our pupils study Judaism and Islam. This promotes love and harmony within our local setting as well as preparing our young pupils for life in modern Britain.