Faith Ambassadors


Each September, one pupil from each KS2 class is elected by their peers to represent them as the class Faith Ambassador. The classes as asked to carefully consider who they feel best lives out our school mission statement, “Learning with Jesus in Faith, Hope and Love.”

Their role in the school is to support and inspire others on their journey towards a deepening relationship with God and the Church through their own words and actions.

Responsibilities of our Faith Ambassadors:

  • To ensure that the school reflects the changing liturgical seasons by distribution and monitoring of seasonal prayers and artefacts
  • Preparing and leading Key Stage and class-based acts of worship
  • Assisting in school masses and other liturgical celebrations
  • Representing the school at the annual Diocesan Mass
  • Representing the school at other faith events across the Academy
  • Running of the Prayer Room, including the setting up and delivery of prayer sessions with their peers
  • Meeting regularly to discuss upcoming events and results of monitoring activities, including learning about key liturgical events throughout the year
  • Serve the elders of the school and parish community during our school’s ‘Tasty Treats’ events.
  • Taking an active part in the parish by delivering ‘The Christmas Story’ and ‘The Easter Story’ at the local church in the form of Scripture, drama and music


Vanessa, Faith Ambassador, Year 5

“Being a Faith Ambassador is a big job but I am ready to help others grow closer to God.”


Ofsted 2022

“Pupils are caring, kind and know right from wrong. They know why it is important to respect others’ views. Pupils learn about and participate in the life of the local community. They support local charities and multi-faith events.”


may - the month of our lady

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