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Online Safety

Online Safety Committee – awaiting the results of a democratic vote

KidSmart – Learn more about the Internet and how to be a SMART surfer

ThinkUKnow – Advice on online safety

CBBC Stay Safe – E-Safety games and songs

Childnet – Working to make the Internet a safe place for children

DigiDuck’s Big Decision – A story about online friendship and making the right decisions (KS1)

Adventures of Smartie The Penguin –A story about asking for help when using the Internet (KS1)

Digizen – Become a responsible digital citizen

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew

It is important to ensure children are using safe search engines. These are links to search engines which are considered safe for children. Please encourage your child to use these at home when searching the Internet.

Safe Search Kids

Kids Click