"Education is the foundation upon which we build our future."
Christine Gregoire

Family Heads & Prefects

Awaiting the results of our democratic vote. 

Our Family Heads are excellent role models who lead by example. They take on a role which requires maturity, responsibility and understanding of others.

The Family Heads lead their Family Celebration Assembly each week and visit their families classes on a regular basis to develop relationships within their family members.

As part of their role they are called on to talk to children in their family to support them in making the right choices and follow the school’s code of conduct.  


Prefects play a vital role in supporting all of our children to live their lives through the Catholic Values.

Prefects are responsible Year 6 children who are good role models to all.  They undertake duties during the day to support the smooth running of the school including lunch time and playground duties.  They also help during parents evening where they act as hosts to the parents.  They are always rewarded (Pizza!!).

Being a prefect is a position all of our Year 6 children can aspire to. Prefect’s wear their special green tie with pride!