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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


Para Olympic Visit (2017)

On Friday the 17th March Sport for Schools organised for 2 Olympic athletes to come to St Margaret’s, it was both a fun and exciting day. The ‘Sportivater’ Liz and the Athlete Alistair Patrick Heselton together motivated and encouraged the children through a sponsored fitness circuit, including exercises such as press ups, star jumps and leg drives. Classes encouraged each other to complete the circuits, cheering along to music.

After all the children had been put through their paces, they gathered for an inspiring and motivational assembly with Alistair and Liz. Alistair talked about his experiences in first of all being a professional footballer and then after an accident recovering to become a para Olympic footballer. The talk was very inspirational and then Alistair held a Q & A session, and some great questions were asked by the pupils.

The Sports for Schools experience was a fun and exciting opportunity to meet the country’s sporting champions of today. It was also a great way to encourage the pupils to take regular exercise and enjoy sport and inspire to them to work hard to achieve their own goals. I’m sure many of the pupils will remember the day that an Olympic Athlete visited their school.

Thank you to everybody who collected sponsorship money, as 60% will go to purchasing new equipment for our school, and 40% will go to support our England athletes.

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