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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


Dive Testing (2017)

St Margaret’s school was invited by Luton Diving Club, to take part in an exciting initiative to unearth Luton’s next generation of sporting stars.  The Little Rippers talent search is a school based programme for the sport of Olympic Diving, involving  testing hundreds of children from primary schools across the area. Many children identified through the Little Rippers programme are unaware of their natural talent.  The coaching staff who delivered our coaching was Sam Buck, former Young Coach of the Year and second place finisher in this year’s Aquatics Awards for Coach of the Year and Hayley Sage a former Olympic diver who competed in the Bejing Olympics in 2008.

The testing that was delivered was fun and challenging, ensuring all pupils enjoyed the experience of taking part.  This was a unique sporting opportunity that could potentially lead to future sporting champions unearthed in our school.  Olympic Gold medallist, Jack Laugher, started his diving career after participating in this very same school based talent programme 14 years ago.

In all we had 5 pupils from yr3, 9 fom yr 4 and 8 from yr 5 invited to the next stage of testing, but also every pupil who participated I the testing received a certificate that enables then to sign up for a free dive lesson at inspire . I wonder if the next Tom Daley will be coming from St Margaret’s !!!

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