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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


Adventures in Space!

Find out all about our topics, special events, learning and amazing achievements over the last week!


Our Learning Journey this Week wb: 18.6.18

This week, the children have enjoyed investigating and finding out lots of information about space! Why not look out for some non-fiction books in the library and share them together at home to find out even more fun facts!






In Literacy, we have been talking about the different ways that we can learn and find out new information. We were sent some special non-fiction books from outer space and have been reading them together to help us to learn all about space! The children have also been using the Internet to research new information. The children came up with original questions that they would like to find the answer to and were amazed to discover lots of new facts about the planets in our Solar System!

To help other children to learn about space, the children have been busy writing their own non-fiction books and fact files, containing all of the information that they had found through their research! Why not make your own fact file about something else you find interesting and share it with your friends and family?



In Maths this week, we have been continuing with our investigations of numbers from 0 -20 and beyond. The children have been working hard on ordering the numbers forwards and backwards to and from twenty  and using their knowledge to count down for a rocket blast off!

The children have also been putting their number knowledge to the test by solving lots of tricky challenges, such as missing number problems!




This week, in R.E., we have been learning all about Islam. We had a very special visit from Mrs Aziz, who talked to us all about her faith and showed us some of the special objects that she uses to worship. The children were very respectful and enjoyed finding out about the different beliefs that people have. Thank you Mrs Aziz!

The children then enjoyed creating their own pictures and posters to demonstrate what they had learned. We have been comparing the Islamic faith to the Catholic faith and looking for similarities and differences between them


EYFS Challenge

Don't forget to send us pictures and comments of your child completing their weekly challenge! Please send to us using the following email address for your child's class:


This week's challenge:


This week, we would like to find out what your favourite planet is and why! Perhaps you could share some of the facts that you have learned at school with your family, or you may wish to research some new, exciting facts together! We would love for you to draw a picture of your favourite planet and write down some interesting information about it.

Image result for planets

We can't wait to find out what you have learned! 

Don't forget to practise reading every day!



Stars of the week

St Bernadette -  Amelia

St Clare - Laura

St Francis - Wiktoria


Well done to our stars! 


Reader of the week!

Take a look below to find out who our 'Reading Champions' are for this week:


St Bernadette -  Adrianna and Mercy

St Clare - Mikey

St Francis - Jemima


A huge well done to our Reading Champions - we hope that you were proud to receive your certificates and stickers!

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