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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


The Royal Wedding

Find out all about our topics, special events, learning and amazing achievements over the last week!

Our Learning Journey this Week wb: 14.5.18

This week, the children have really enjoyed preparing for the Royal Wedding that is taking place on Saturday! Make sure to watch a clip of the wedding online or on television at the weekend, so that your child can see what all of their hard work this week has been leading up to!



In Literacy, we have been using the internet and non-fiction text to find out information all about the royal family. We talked about our own experiences of weddings and looked at some of the key features of a wedding celebration. The children were very excited to receive an invitation to a royal wedding celebration! They used their phonic skills to write an invitation to a friend and write ‘congratulations’ cards to Meghan and Prince Harry. At home, why not encourage the children to make a banner and write their well wishes to the happy couple?



In Maths this week, we have continued with our learning on addition. We have been securing our knowledge on the process of addition and using a range of strategies to help us to solve addition problems. We have been practising to count on amounts from a number to add and have been using number line to help us!

Some of the children have been practising to count in twos, fives and tens and applying their knowledge to solve addition problems!







In R.E., we have been continuing with our topic of ‘Good News.’ The children have been reflecting upon Pentecost and Ascension Day and thinking about how these stories make us feel. We talked about what the Holy Spirit means to us and how we can ask the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts.

See more photos of our amazing learning journey here


EYFS Challenge

Don't forget to send us pictures and comments of your child completing their weekly challenge! Please send to us using the following email address for your child's class:


This week's challenge:

This week, we would like you to go on a shape hunt! Please talk about 2D and 3D shapes with your children and encourage them to describe them. Then, they could become a shape detective and take a look around your home to see what shapes they can find! How do they know they are that shape? What properties do they have?

We have been learning vocabulary to describe shapes such as curved, pointy, straight, edges, corners and faces – challenge your children to use this language as they describe the shapes! Please take a photo and/or write a comment about the shapes your child could recognise and the language they could use to describe them.

We can’t wait to find out about the shapes you could find!

Don't forget to practise reading every day!


Stars of the week

St Bernadette -  Rosalie

St Clare - Angel

St Francis - Abhi

Well done to our stars!