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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


Critical Thinking Challenge Day (2018)

Find out all about the amazing team-work, problem-solving and critical thinking that went on in EYFS during our whole school challenge day.

On Friday 27th April 2018, we held a very exciting ‘Critical Thinking Challenge’, to promote problem-solving and creativity across the whole school!  Each class was provided with an ‘Inventor’s Toolkit’, containing lots of creative resources and materials that they could use to create an invention of their choice.

See the main page for more information about the inventions made by our very creative children across the school.

Let’s find out about what the children got up to in EYFS:


EYFS St Bernadette

In St. Bernadette, the children all took part in a group discussion to share their ideas of what we could invent. We had some fantastic ideas, including a racing car, a rocket ship and even a robot that could tidy up the classroom for us! After a vote, the children decided to create a trap to catch the Big Bad Wolf!

It was amazing to see the children working together and sharing their ideas. Some children took on the role of planners and designers, while others collected resources they thought we could use. As a class, the children worked together to build their amazing trap, complete with a model disguised as Little Red Riding Hood to tempt the Wolf in and an amazing working ‘pulley’ lever to lower the trap on top of him!


EYFS St Francis

The children were amazed when they entered the classroom to discover a package from the Big Bad Wolf. It was a large bag of resources, with a note from the Wolf himself!  We read the note together to see what it said. The Wolf challenged us to produce our own class invention and it could be anything we liked. However, we had to work as a team…


The children were keen to discuss their ideas, and we agreed to make a HUGE robot to catch the Big Bad Wolf, to make sure that he doesn’t try to gobble up anyone, ever again!!

The children came up with a great idea. They wanted to disguise the wolf-catching robot as a pencil holder. They made a pot to store the pens and pencils. Then they created some large hands to catch him! Watch out for our robot!


EYFS St Clare

The children really enjoyed our Critical Thinking Challenge Day in EYFS St Clare.  They explored and investigated all of the materials delivered to us in our ‘Inventor’s Toolkit’, before we put our heads together to decide to make ‘Max the Robot’.

 The children worked out how to stick their resources together and adapt their model when it wasn’t going quite right.  We really enjoyed being inventors!

See more photos of our amazing problem-solving here!

Well done Early Years!