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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


Little Red Riding Hood Week 2

Find out all about our topics, special events, learning and amazing acheivements over the last week!

This week, we have continued our topic of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Who was your favourite character from the story? Why? Can you retell the story to your family?




In Literacy, we have been using our phonics skills to practise writing words and sentences. We were very excited to receive a video message from Grandma, asking for our help to stop the Big Bad Wolf! We helped Grandma by writing descriptions of the wolf on wanted posters to put around our garden and wrote letters to Grandma to tell her where Little Red Riding Hood was! At home, why not write about your favourite part of the story, or make your own story book to share with your family?






In Maths this week, we have been learning about time. We have talked about different times of the day and sequenced events from our day in the right order. We really enjoyed taking part in lots of timed challenges, trying to find out how many times we could complete a challenge before the timers ran out! We are trying to use lots of different words related to time, such as earlier, later, before, after, morning, afternoon, evening. We have also been practising the days of the week and talking about the special things we do on different days.



In R.E., we have been continuing with our topic of ‘Good News.’ The children have been learning about the story of Pentecost and what this means to us. We have talked about the Holy Spirit and how we cannot see it, but can always feel Jesus’ love within. We made kites to fly in the wind and blew bubbles to help us to understand how the Holy Spirit feels and surrounds us.

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EYFS Challenge

Don't forget to send us pictures and comments of your child completing their weekly challenge! Please send to us using the following email address for your child's class:


This week's challenge:

As we have been learning about time, we would like to find out what you do at the weekends! Ask the children about what they have done at home on Saturday or Sunday in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. They could take photographs, draw pictures or write about what they have done to share with their friends at school. Challenge the children to use some of the new language we have been learning at school – can they put the events in the right order? Don’t forget to write about some of the things your child has said about their day!

We look forward to hearing all about your day!

Don't forget to practise reading every day!


Stars of the week

St Bernadette -  Iga

St Clare - Victor

St Francis - Derren


Well done to our stars!