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St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School


Daily Reading Challenge

We have challenged the children to practise their reading every day! 

At St Margaret's, we want to promote our love for books and our own interest in reading, so that our children grow into enthusiastic, keen and able readers. To help our children to become confident readers, we need to encourage them to practise their reading each day. To encourage the children to do this, we have created a reading reward, as described below.

Please support us to help the children by encouraging them to practise their reading every day - make it fun for the children and share a story in different places, such as in a den under the table or at bed time! Help the children to sound out words they are unsure of and ask them questions to develop their understanding - don't forget to sign their reading record each time you read with them at home.

We are sure that if the children practise every day, you will soon see the benefit it has in helping them to become amazing readers!


Our reading challenge and rewards!

Every day, your child's teacher will look in their reading record to see if they have practised reading after school. For each time a parent/carer signs to say their child has read at home, the child will receive a raffle ticket for a very exciting prize draw. On Fridays, your child's class teacher will draw a winning ticket and the child will be able to choose a prize from our prize box! The more you practise reading at home, the more raffle tickets you will receive (and the more your reading will improve!).

A huge well done to all of the parents and children who have already started increasing the number of times they read with their children at home. Let's work together to make St Margaret's a reading school!